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V.I.P.'s E-Mail Discussion Group
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Many High Schools in smaller districts may have only 1 physics teacher. To address this V.I.P. was formed in Fall 1986 to help end the feelings of isolation many of these and other teachers feel. The e-mail newsgroup is our foray into the 21st century to further the goal of ending the isolation. We realize that we do not teach physics in isolation and that many of the students that physical science teachers have today will one day be ours too. For this reason VIP WANT'S ALL TEACHERS OF PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE IN ANY STATE to participate in our e-mail discussion group.

The group is primarily made up of physics and physical science teachers in both public and private schools. Typically, the group discusses issues affecting teachers and the teaching of science. Some past topics include lab write ups, pro/cons to significant figures, demos, demos, demos, teaching with little monetary support, help for the 1st year teacher, etcetera. The group is NOT for advertising business proposals.

There are two things to do to sign up.

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